Home slimming exercises

Home slimming exercises

Does exercise make you lose weight? Definitely! To achieve maximum effect, you need to combine both strength training and aerobic cardio training for weight loss. The former help keep the body in good shape. The second is fat burning and endurance development.

Let’s take a closer look at cardio workouts for weight loss.

Jumping rope – the most effective training for everyday

Jumping rope is a great cardio option for girls and boys. The jumping engages the muscles in the legs, abdomen, chest, biceps and triceps, developing dexterity and coordination. In terms of effectiveness, such activity is an excellent alternative to running and one of the best training for weight loss. Plus, it’s easier to find a skipping rope at home and start jumping than to convince yourself to run on the street. And the risk of a knee injury is much lower. To get the result, start with 10 jumps – gradually increasing them to 10 minutes as follows: 45 seconds of jumping + 15 seconds of rest.

Once you’ve mastered the simple single jumps, put together more complex jumps like B. Double jumps. Combine different combinations. Too simple? Buy a special rope with a heavy rope or a faster rope with a metal rope.

It is important to jump with your knees slightly bent, land on your toes and twist the rope with your hands, not your arms.

Running is the right workout to lose weight

Running is the right workout to lose weight

If you’ve never run before, you can start with the following pattern:

  • Warm up, 5-10 minutes vigorous walking
  • 20 minutes, alternating 60 seconds run and 90 seconds walk
  • Calm down, 5-10 minutes of brisk walking

Gradually change up the intervals between running and walking so that you can switch to running in two months – and run the first five kilometers.

Make sure you have your running shoes with good cushioning, start running at a slow, “conversational” pace and remember to breathe – preferably deeply and from your diaphragm.

Other options

Other options

Start swimming. Sign up for classic aerobics or go to the gym: there you can choose fitness exercises for beginners. It’s best to work with a trainer: they will help you create a training program to lose weight.

How effective is strength training:

  • abdominal exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles
  • squats (especially with jumps or weights to tone the buttocks and thighs)
  • footwear
  • slits
  • tables
  • fitness band exercise

There are many variations of these exercises: start with simplified options and a small number of approaches – gradually complicate and increase dynamics.

The decision what sport to do to lose weight will largely depend on your preferences: try different sports to lose weight to find the right one. When you do what you love, you don’t have to worry about how to motivate yourself.

Where to start – tips for beginners

Where to start - tips for beginners

A few simple tips for those just starting out:

  1. The question “How much exercise do you need to lose weight?” not correct. The result depends on the starting weight and individual characteristics, the frequency, duration and intensity of training and nutrition
  2. Remember to start your workout with a warm-up (rotations of the head, arms, hands, body, knees, bends, jumps) to warm up the muscles and avoid injury
  3. The finish on the hitch – a little stretching, self-massage on a special roller, walking after the run
  4. If you have never exercised, start your basic aerobic workout with 10 minutes and gradually increase the duration from 5 minutes to 40-45 minutes
  5. To get the effect and not feel excessive exertion, try to train 3-4 times a week and do not forget to take breaks between training sessions. Create an exercise plan to lose weight
  6. Follow the technique of execution and try to do everything to the maximum, do not skimp
  7. Learn to maintain the same moderate-intensity pace throughout your workout and not break it up with long breaks. We walked, rested for 10-60 seconds, repeated
  8. Go beyond training. Walk, bike, skate, scooter. Set your daily number of steps or kilometers – and “walk” mindfully. Try yoga and Pilates. Make exercise a part of your life
  9. Drink a glass of water just before your workout, take a few sips during your workout, and don’t forget to refuel after your workout